Our firm has the following locations:

  • Silicon Valley - California

  • Palm Beach - Florida

  • Miami - Florida

  • New York City - New York, New York

  • Fort Lauderdale - Florida



Its all about the numbers. The numbers don't lie; get the numbers right and your future will be good.

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Tax Services

Taxes are a necessary evil. We get you the lowest taxes under te law.

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Forensic Accounting

Figuring out what the numbers mean.

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There are many reasons why.

First it is critical to obtain the best advice possible in hiring the right person for the job.

To help identify the right person, you need to find three attributes that will ensure that person is right for you:

1. Competence - understanding accounting and taxes to identify how your finances relate to your taxes, and using this information to prepare an accurate tax return.

2. Integrity - its the trust that your accounting and tax advisor has your best interests as a priority over everythng else.

3. Experience - its the glue that makes it all work, and its a seal of what to expect.

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